You probably have a lot of questions... Here are the answers to several of our most asked! If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please email us at support@promosleeve.com or call 281.271.7125

1How did PromoSleeve come to be?
PromoSleeve was born from a lifelong passion for entrepreneurial endeavors. As twin brothers, Lucas and Roy Bouse have been in business together since age 12 and have always known a good idea when we see one. When they discovered a void in the beverage wrap market, Lucas and Roy jumped at the chance to create a solution. The result? A unique, patent-pending beverage "sleeve" unlike anything you've ever seen! Read more here.
2Why PromoSleeve?

The first of its kind, PromoSleeve is a must-have personalized beverage wrap that can be fully customized with your photos and designs. Perfect for events, promoting your business or services, and more... they’re suited for use anywhere you or your brand want to capture attention and promote awareness from your guests and patrons.

What sets us apart is that our “sleeves” offer the printing capabilities that traditional drink coolers can’t- at half the cost! Including a high-definition, full-color, edge-to-edge, 360-degree view of your design, photos, QR codes, branding, messaging, etc. Why pay a premium for materials with limited printing capabilities?

PromoSleeve is made from durable, environmentally-friendly paperboard, making it more cost-effective than bulky beverage wraps, with better design quality and no guilt if/when they get thrown away at the end of the night. Crucial for any business trying to stretch their budget now or bounce back down the road. Plus, our lightweight material and collapsible design makes PromoSleeve cheaper to ship, easier to store and distribute...taking up less of your space!

Cocktail napkins wilt. Coasters get covered up and go unnoticed. Bulky beverage holders offer limited printing capabilities at high prices and often wind up in the trash. You'll love the versatility of PromoSleeve... It can be used as an alternative to all three!

3What makes PromoSleeve unique?
  • There's nothing else like PromoSleeve on the market! PromoSleeve has been granted three patents.
  • Sleeves are made from durable 100-stock paperboard, likened to a business card, and all sleeves are UV-coated for a premium finish.
  • Our designs are proudly produced from our hometown in Texas and made entirely in the USA.
  • Sleeves are ultrathin and compact when collapsed flat. They can even double as a coaster!
  • Unlike standard beverage coolers, PromoSleeve offers a 360-degree view of high-resolution, edge-to-edge, full-color photos and artwork! Why pay a premium for a product with limited printing capabilities?
  • The ink does not run.
  • Glossy and matte finish available. Please contact us for more information on our new glossy sleeves.
  • Bulk discounts and wholesale options are available.
4What are the use capabilities of PromoSleeve?
  • PromoSleeve is a unique and affordable way to draw attention from guests at any event.
  • Use QR codes to promote giveaways, menus, coupons, website traffic & more.
  • Expand your reach "beyond the booth" at festivals, fairs, expos, sporting events, concerts, and more.
  • Our customized promotional products make a great impression, keep your name in front of clients, and reach new customers.
  • Must-have swag for weddings and parties, and a great gift idea, too! Personalize your own creation for friends, family, work teams, etc.
  • PromoSleeve is a great way to utilize sponsors and co-op dollars to share or offload advertising costs!
  • Generate awareness, interest, and leads— away from the clutter of your competitor's messages.
  • Penetrate consumer markets affordably, efficiently, and effectively.
5Are you a koozie?
No. PromoSleeves are not koozies. PromoSleeves are beverage insulators used for promotional purposes.
6Why not just use a koozie?

PromoSleeve offers several advantages that koozies cannot:

  • High-resolution, full color printing
  • The ability to capture information
  • PromoSleeves are sustainable and 100% recyclable
  • Being high resolution, it is the best marketing tool
  • Not as bulky as koozies
  • Doubles as a coaster
7How long does a PromoSleeve last?
PromoSleeves will last for several uses. As the sleeve soaks up moisture, the glue on the bottom will eventually give out. This is not a flaw in the design as PromoSleeves are intended for one-and-done uses.
8Do you offer design services?
Yes...our designers are here to help! With a little direction and the inclusion of any logos, photos, QR codes, etc., our in-house designers can design your sleeve for you. Call or email for details.
9Can I use my own artwork/design?

YES! Here is how...

  • Download the template (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or PDF).
  • Drop-in your artwork and submit your design.
  • Our pre-press technician will make sure everything is set correctly to move on to printing.
  • Contact us to request samples.