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PromoSleeve offers turnkey services from design to, to representatives, to the final data export. Let us be your #1 lead generating tool!

Our Products

Forget wrapping your beverage with cocktail napkins or brown paper bags. Our environmentally-friendly PromoSleeves are available for 12oz bottles, 12oz cans, 16oz cans, 24oz cans, slim cans and pint glasses. Custom sizes are available as well!

For more information, please email
support@promosleeve.com or call 888.553.8598

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Interactive beverage branding tools that put your brand in their hands!

  • Bottle
  • 12oz Can
  • Pint
  • Slim Can
  • 16oz Can
  • 24oz Can

Available in a Variety of Sizes
(Custom sizes available.)

Promosleeves are lightweight and easy to carry.

This is what it looks like to hold 500 sleeves!