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Texas Twins Push Through Pandemic Doldrums with Launch of PromoSleeve

Serial entrepreneurs bet on imminent return of public outings and events

HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 24, 2020) Fueled by the adventuresome spirit in their shared DNA, identical twins Lucas and Roy Bouse are forging ahead with the launch of PromoSleeve, the latest in a series of entrepreneurial endeavors that date back to their teen years in Port Bolivar, Texas. Though their initial market introduction was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, orders are now being accepted for this patent-pending, biodegradable and recyclable beverage sleeve.

“Our product delivers in ways that traditional beverage wraps can’t,” said Roy Bouse. “PromoSleeve’s unique advantage is its affordability and printing capabilities.”

The announcement has sparked immediate demand, with businesses ranging from restaurants to event planners placing orders to be among the first to promote their brands using this first-of-its-kind promotional product.

“People are excited that they no longer have to pay a premium for materials with limited design quality,” Lucas Bouse observed. “With PromoSleeve, their message looks clearer, their logos look sharper and they’re getting more for their marketing budget at a time when every dollar counts.” PromoSleeves protect beverages from heat transfer, minimizing the effects of sunlight and warm hands on the temperature of cans and bottles. They also defend against condensation, keeping hands dry while protecting serving surfaces. Made in the U.S.A., their lightweight, foldable design- made from durable paperstock materials- makes them cheaper and easier to ship and store, while offering a 360-degree display area for full-color, high-resolution logos, images and messaging. The ability to include a QR code gives purchasers an additional opportunity to engage and track interested consumers. The Bouse brothers developed the idea for PromoSleeve after an afternoon of socializing with friends.

“While at a bar, we noticed that everyone had a cocktail napkin wrapped around their drink,” recalls Roy. “These napkins would inevitably wilt from condensation, along with anything printed on them, rendering them illegible and useless. The only available alternatives were bulky beverage holders, which we were never a fan of. So, we went home and drew up our concept for a better solution.”

About PromoSleeve

Established in 2019, PromoSleeve, LLC is a Texas-based company founded by Lucas and Roy Bouse. They offer beverage sleeves fitting cans and bottles, with pint glasses coming soon. These patent-pending promotional products can be customized with digitally printed high-definition, edge-to-edge, full-color photos or artwork, unlike standard beverage coolers. All products are biodegradable, recyclable and made in the U.S.A.