PromoSleeve Templates

Utilizing your own artwork and designs? Download one of our templates below. Drop in your artwork and submit your design. Although our pre-press technician will make sure everything is set correctly to move on to printing, please read the Digital Printing Checklist at the bottom of this page.



16oz Can/Water
Bottle EDDM

Slim Can

16oz Can/
Water Bottle


Digital Printing Checklist

Do not delete or add graphics to the provided layers in the template files (i.e. 'structure', 'bleed', etc.)

Create new layers as needed for graphics. Any graphics placed on a layer such as 'structure' or 'bleed' will be turned off before going to press and will not print.

We recommend all blacks be 100% K. Also, grays print best as a screen of black.

QR codes and UPCs must be 100% K. Creating a color build or using light colors is not recommended.

Be sure to embed or include any external images in the layout. If you are using imported images be sure they are 300dpi and in CMYK.

Keep in mind that PromoSleeves are printed in CMYK. Any Pantone Colors will be converted to CMYK for printing so be sure to use CMYK versions/equivilants to your desired colors.

Small drop-out type is not recommended in areas with a 4-color build.