Sales Forms

This document will serve to confirm the agreement between Bouse Bros, LLC, DBA PromoSleeve and the aforementioned 'Business/Organization (in this form)' for the distribution of (quantity) PromoSleeve beverage wraps to customers, continuing as long as supplies last.

It is understood that, in advance of this distribution, PromoSleeve representatives will secure sponsors for these beverage wraps, and that these non-competitive sponsors will have their logos displayed on these individual units. (Advertiser) 'Business/Organization (in this form)', hereafter referred to as “Advertiser” has expressed their intent to be one of these featured sponsors and now agrees to the terms of this agreement and to provide “camera ready” artwork or high resolution images for incorporation into the PromoSleeve design.

PromoSleeve will print, produce and deliver these units to “Establishment” at no charge. “Establishment” has contractually agreed to responsibly and efficiently distribute the PromoSleeve wraps to their patrons at no charge, unless a gift with purchase program, pre-approved by PromoSleeve, is in effect.

PromoSleeve will conduct spot inspections at the distribution establishments to confirm on premise distribution of these PromoSleeve units to patrons and will provide photo and video documentation to “Advertiser”.

In exchange for this courtesy, “Advertiser” will pay a net advertising fee, in advance, upon execution of this agreement.

The failure of either party to fulfill its obligations under this agreement will render it null and void, with all payments made or due subject to cancellation and/or refund.

Accepted and Agreed: (sign below)