Our Community is rising up to help our neighbor Jeff Martin. Jeff has raised all of us up since the moment he set foot in our community. Please help us give back.

On the morning of January 19th, Jeff was driving to work & a driver pulled into the path of his car. The last month has been a journey of Surgery & recovery. Jeff was feared to be paralyzed from the neck down. Surgery on the 20th gave Jeff back feeling in both legs & right hand. Over the last month, he has been working hard on regaining movement & body function. His positive attitude and love from all who know him has helped him make strides.

Jeff (44) is a Barber by trade. A passion of his since he was young. The first thing Jeff would tell you about himself is he is a Dad to 2 wonderful kids. This sounds simple but he is an amazing father and friend. Jeff grew up in Baytown and has become known in our community (Kemah) as “The machine”. He does not stop moving, is ALWAYs helping people and smiling. Our goal with this event is to raise up this wonderful man who has helped so many.

Jeff’s life is forever changed. Be a part of making that change positive.

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